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Quality Depends on "Parts Power"

More than 90 years experiences and knowledges create high quality products

NAKANISHI GEAR CO.,LTD. have been producing gears and precision machine parts for years since 1921. We have created high technical knowledges and powers from continuous and honestly applying various demands by customers. Nowadays our products have been used by trains, vessels, various producing machines, robot arm of Space shattles and others in various producing field. We will continue to produce our products in accordance to customers requirements.

5 Specials


For example, we can produce replica even if the products are difficult and complicated referring to the presented sample. It is our proud endorsed by long historical and technique background.

Network System

By the network we created in years, we have trade net-work therefore we can cope with any difficulties confronted in productions.

High Quality, High Accuracy

With created technique and knowledges in years, we can produce parts and supervise quality control. We obtained ISO9001 approval in 2002 following products recognition.

Many kinds of goods, Small lot of products

We cope with many kinds of goods production such as making samples, goods for study and small lot of orders are welcomed. Please feel free to consult with us if you have any queries in delivery date.

The spirit of inquiry

Since the company's establishment, we have created technology and equipments in early stage. All our staffs are working with spirits of inquiry in daily productions.