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We have the most modern facilities and experts technique.
Depend on its usage, type and measures become different largely in Gears and precision machine parts.
We obtain modern facilities positively and have been responding to Customers demands.
This page introduce numbers of technical powers and facilities which Nakanishi Gear Co.,Ltd. possess.

Gear Cutting Machine
General Precision Machining
Gear Grinding Machine
Gear Tester
Equipment List
Gear cutting machine 30units
Gear grinding machine 8units
Worm thread grinding machine 1unit
Lathe 10units
Machining center 2units
Milling machine 3units
Gear shaper machine 3units
Radial drilling machine 1unit
Rolling gear tester 4units
Gear tester 2units
Tool grinding machine 10units
Gear tooth chamfering machine 2units